BMW stars along with Tom Cruise in new Mission Impossible flick

When the latest Mission Impossible movie debuts in December, it will be impossible not to notice the cars Tom Cruise is driving. BMW will be at the forefront.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol will make as much of the German luxury car brand as it does of superstar Cruise.

Several BMW vehicles — including the futuristic BMW Vision EfficientDynamics, the concept car for the forthcoming BMW i8, the BMW 6 Series Convertible — are driven by Tom Cruise’s character, Ethan Hunt. They are prominently featured in several key action sequences.

BMW will make sure audiences won’t miss its participation with an ad campaign built around its participation. Of course, there will be a “self-destructing” sales offer.

BMW is even going to offer special screenings to its customers.

“The film allows us a wonderful opportunity to showcase not only BMW’s vision for future vehicles but to highlight some of the newest and most popular cars in our current fleet,” said Trudy Hardy, manager of Marketing Communications and Consumer Events at BMW of North America. “The synergies between BMW’s high-performance vehicles and one of the most action-packed film franchises on the big screen were perfect.”

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