Big Muscles – 3 Tips to Build Big Muscles

Many people think that it’s easy to build big muscles. They think that it’s as simple as buying a gym membership, going in there and working out each body part to failure once per week, eating crazy amounts of chicken and tuna, and downing as many protein shakes as they possibly can. Unfortunately, just doing all that isn’t going to cut it. Below are 3 simple tips that you can use to help you build huge muscles fast:

Perform Squats and Deadlifts

These two monster exercises are known to be responsible for power and mass muscle building. If you want to be serious about gaining muscle, you will want to incorporate these two workouts into your routine. About roughly 70% of your musculature system, including your shoulders, arms, calves, hams, traps, gluts, and core muscles are being worked by these two exercises alone. Squats and deadliest are king when it comes to building muscles.

The degree of intensity that performing these two workouts provide, forces your internal system to release large amounts of hormone “growth hormone”, resulting in muscle gain throughout your entire body. Every other lift will benefit in strength gains from this spillover effect which translates directly into more muscle mass on your entire body.

Stay With Compound Exercises

Compound exercises are exercises that requires more than one muscle group to complete. These types of exercises recruit a high amount of muscle fibers to help with the work.

If you want to be able to build consistent and big muscles then compound exercises are not optional, the are mandatory. Stick with over head presses, dips, chin ups, barbell rows, bench presses, deadliest, squats, leg presses, and pull ups. Anything that moves the most body parts during the lift.

Don’t just concentrate on working out small muscles like your arms or calves, if you do you’ll end up having exactly that, small muscles!

Time Your Rest Periods

Have you ever seen an average guy time his rest periods with a stop watch? I haven’t either. Using a stop watch isn’t just for endurance athletes. Timing your rest period is important. If you are serious about building big muscles you need to use one.

The closer you are lifting to your one rep max, the longer the rest period usually is, and the higher the number of reps you do, the shorter the rest period. This variable is crucial, and often overlooked, yet it will determine whether you create the correct training response from your body.

As an example, let’s say you are training for maximal strength which would require somewhere around 3-5 minutes of rest in between sets and you only took 2 minutes. Your nervous system will not be getting an honest workout. If you are training for muscle mass which has a 30-90 seconds of rest time and while you are resting were checking out the cute girl nearby and letting your rest period carry over. Your metabolic system is not getting an honest workout.

Finally, how can you be certain that you are stronger if you don’t monitor your rest period? For example, you were able to bench press 150 pounds last week for 4 sets of 10. This week you were able to bench press 160 pounds for the same exact sets and reps. This is a huge improvement and a measurable sign of improvement, assuming the rest period for both workouts was identical. But if you took an extra minute or two to rest between each set this week then you did not actually became stronger but you just had a longer rest period!


Building big muscles is not as easy as showing up at the gym and chugging a few protein shakes as you now know. Put these 3 simple tips into your next program and I promise that you will start to build brand new muscle mass all over your body!

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