Akadema Barbell Bat

Train for strength and control with the new Akadema Barbell Bat. The Akadema Barbell Bat is a weighted wood bat that can be used during training or in the on deck circle. The Akadema Barbell Bat features a standard wooden bat knob and tapered handle but then explodes into a monster barrel measuring approximately 2 ¾ inches in diameter. The bat is weighted to provide a player with a strength-training and warm up bat. The Akadema Barbell Bat can be used in the on deck circle for warming up in the game as well as in training sessions to strengthen the players swing and increase overall power. The Barbell Bat helps increase overall bat speed and increase strength through the hitting zone for harder hits and longer home runs! Use it off the tee, in the on deck circle, or in the back yard. Improve your game with the new Akadema Barbell Bat.

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