Air Soft Guns of WW2

When did the craze for air soft guns began?

During the Second World War, the world witness the proliferation of weapons from the smallest firearm even to the most destructive mankind has ever seen. During these times, weapons like these are carried by soldiers fighting for liberty against tyranny thus inspiring some into owning of these toys. Since it was illegal for private individuals in some countries (like Japan) to own firearms especially after the war, “airsoft” came to the fore, but still was not mainstream. It started out as a fad and slowly spread to neighboring countries until it reached the shores of Western countries like North American and Europe. This is where air soft gun can trace its origin, known then as WW2 air soft guns.

One of the reasons why WW2 Airsoft Guns have become increasingly popular can be attributed to the feeling of owning a replica of vintage weapons: looks exactly like the real thing, fires shots, but is not deadly.

The air soft gun can’t resemble the real thing in every way possible. Though WW2 air soft guns are permitted in some countries, they still have to adhere to certain restrictions like the color features. In the United States, some states insist that WW2 Air soft guns should not replicate the exact colors of the original, in fact laws insist that there should be a contrast in hue so that it won’t be confused for the real thing.

A variety of models of WW2 Airsoft guns have found their way into the airsoft gun market. Gun manufacturers design their air soft guns to resemble the original guns but make it a point not to copy it to the letter to prevent confusion. You don’t want to be an owner of a gun that looks exactly like the real thing and find yourself surrounded by police officers every time you “shoot” your airsoft buddies. It is not a hobby worth getting into then.

So it’s been a while since the last shell or bullet have been fired in the Second World War, but the effect is still in the psyche of everyone. By looking at the inventory and the types of guns being sold online, it seems that it’s popularity will never wane.

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