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Long Island Offer in Compromise | Suffolk County Offer in Compromise

If you have fallen behind in your taxes, you know there is no worse feeling than the stress and pressure imposed by an IRS audit. While the IRS may move slowly in collecting back taxes, they never go away, and ignoring your problem will only make it worse. However, this is not a battle that you must fight alone. Long Island tax relief professionals from Weisman &  Co., CPA’s have extensive experience helping individuals resolve their tax problems and offer serious tax relief. We can advise you to either pay your debt or file an Offer in Compromise with the Internal Revenue Service.

An Offer in Compromise, or an OIC, is an agreement between the taxpayer and the IRS that settles your tax liabilities for less than the full amount owed. However, before the IRS will accept an OIC, you must prove that you are a deserving Long Island candidate for this type of resolution.

At Weisman & Co., CPA’s, we have been helping individuals file these claims for years. Our professional advisors can determine if you meet any of the three qualifications making it likely the IRS will accept your Offer in Compromise: Doubt as to Collectability, Doubt as to Liability and/or Effective Tax Administration. Unlike inferior firms that lack experience and ethics, while we work diligently to achieve the resolution in your best interest, we only ever promise our clients realistic results. Over the course of our experience dealing with the IRS, we have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have helped them restore their peace of mind and financial security.

The sooner that you take action to address your tax problems, the better. To see if you qualify to file an Offer in Compromise, you should contact our Long Island office today by calling 631-331-1111.


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