7 Easy Gain Muscle Mass Fast Tips

If you want to become bigger and stronger, there is no reason why you cannot do so! To get you started on the right foot on your muscle building program in order to gain muscle mass quickly, here are 7 tips for you:

Tip 1

Increase Your Food Intake.

You’ll need all the extra calories that you can get in order to allow your body to build new muscles. Plus your body will also need to repair muscle tissue which is damaged during the heavy workouts. How much calories should you be eating? Stick to this formula of eating 18X to 20X your own body weight. This, however, does not mean that you can just go ahead in indulge in any food that you want! You must not consume empty calories like sweets. Instead, you ought to eat nutritional food that has beneficial nutrients that are essential for gaining muscle.

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Tip 2

Use Heavy Weights With Less Reps When Working Out.

Select weights heavy enough such that you can only do 4 to 7 reps. Try having 2 to 3 minutes of rest time in between sets.

Tip 3

Reduce or Stop Doing Aerobic Exercises.

But, if you still want to do your aerobic exercises like running, you have reduce the number of times you do it. Preferably only once every week or at most once every fortnight instead.

Tip 4

Add More Protein To Your Diet.

It is ideal when you can combine high protein diet with intense physical training to help build muscle. Protein is required by the body as an ingredient to build new muscle cells. When the body build or repair muscles, it needs a basic building block called amino acids which are only available from proteins from the food that you eat. You should be getting at least minimum one gram of protein per pound of body weight if you want to build muscle.

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Tip 5

Drink Water Often Throughout The Day.

You need to do this to keep your muscles hydrated all day long. Dehydration is common when you are training very hard.

Tip 6

Fats Are Good So Eat More Fats !

Why? Well, fats can help in testosterone production which is an important factor when your body is trying to build muscle cells. Important point to note : you need to increase your intake of essential fatty acids and not saturated fats.

Tip 7

Last But Not Least… Have plenty of rest.

A good long rest for the body is just as important as having the right diet and training program. Getting about six to eight hours of good sleep everyday is crucial not only to a healthy body but also to your muscle building efforts. Muscles are only built when you are resting from your routines. Thus if possible, try taking days, even weeks off from your regular training.

Lastly, when you are trying to gain muscle mass quickly, it pays to be patient and consistent. You may think that you have already got the best of everything from your diet to your training schedule… but the truth is that even though you are off to a great start, all these will still be worthless if you are not consistent in your efforts!

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