5-Day Muscle Size Workout

If you’re trying to gain muscular size and strength, you might be confused as to what the best training strategies are.� If you look at a lot of supposedly expert advice, you’ll notice tons of contradictions, not to mention authors who look like they can’t even lift a weight themselves.� If you go to most gyms, everyone in there looks like they don’t know what they’re doing, either!� It’s difficult to find a good muscle size workout.

You can find out right now exactly how you need to train, eat, sleep, and supplement for maximum muscle growth, or you can read on to learn the best 5-day muscle size workout.

1. Day 1 � Legs

Legs are the most important part of your body to train!� Most guys neglect them in their muscle size workout because they don’t show when you wear pants and because they’re just hard to train.� Squats, leg presses, and other effective lower body movements are just plain hard, but they’re an essential part of any muscle size workout.� Train legs first in your training week and reap the benefits.

2. Day 2 � Chest

Next to legs, chest is one of the most important body parts to train.� This is because the best chest exercises, which include the bench press, incline press, dips, and dumbbell presses, work your entire upper body and produce incredible strength.� Start off with a power move like the bench press in your muscle size workout and move to machines and cables when your chest is fatigued.

3. Day 3 � Rest

After two days of some of the hardest training you’ll do, you will need a day of rest.� Do some cardio, or just sit around and recover.

4. Day 4 � Back

Most guys don’t give their back the attention it needs in their muscle size workout because they can’t see it in the mirror.� This is a huge mistake!� The upper and lower back comprise the majority of the musculature of the upper body, and they must be trained accordingly hard and heavy.� Start off with heavy exercises like deadlifts, barbell rows, and pull-ups, and move onto lighter cable and machine movements as you fatigue.

5. Day 5 � Shoulders

Shoulders can be a tough body part to grow in your muscle size workout, but if you do things right, they’ll be looking round and full in no time.� Start with at least one type of overhead press, either with a barbell or dumbbells.� After that, move on to variations on side and rear raises with dumbbells, cables, or both.� Finish up with shrugs and light machine presses to get the blood flowing in your shoulder girdle.

6. Day 6 � Arms

If you love a good pump, this is the muscle size workout you have been waiting for!� Even if you have big arms, they are some of the smallest and easiest to train muscles in your body, so save this day until the end of your training week.� There’s really nothing complicated about training them � just choose 3-4 of your favorite variations on extension and curl movements and do them back-to-back.� You might also want to throw in some triceps dips or close-grip bench presses to really blast your triceps.

Day 7 � Rest

Training arms won’t leave you that tired, but you will definitely need this day of rest before you start the next training week with a grueling leg muscle size workout!

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