3 Muscle Building Safety Rules You Must Follow

Muscle building can be fun, addictive, and exciting. But there is a downside to it. If you do something wrong, you can seriously injure yourself. People tend to forget about their safety because they are too focused on the gain and pain. If this is you, then this is a must read for anyone who is serious…

1. Don’t Over Train…
You main think that it is important to train as much as possible in order to get the most results possible. This is not true. The most important part of your muscle building journey is when your muscles aren’t in motion. Make sure to get enough rest and break time or your muscles can become weak and literally rip. You can tear them to an extent where they won’t be able to repair themselves.

2. Stretch dammit, stretch!
Let’s face it, stretching can be quite, well… gay! But we still need to do it. Stretching is just as important as doing the weight lifting itself. Stretching alerts your muscles and tells them that so heavy duty weight lifting is coming up soon. It is recommended that you stretch for 10 minutes before and after your workout routines.

3. Check out the machines before use!
The last thing you want is a projectile flying out of the machine and hitting you in the eye. Before you use any machine, make sure that things are in place and secure. If you are using a machine that uses pullies, make sure that those pullies are not ripped or anything.

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