2014 Suffolk County Property Tax Grievance Season

Suffolk County – New York

Tax Grievance filings in Suffolk County have increased steadily over the last few years as the real estate market has been on the decline.  The one silver lining- you might have a great shot at lowering your property taxes.  If you think you are over-assessed, and therefore are paying too much in property taxes you have a right to protest the assessment – which could mean tax dollars in your pocket.  Let’s face it, in this economy, every dollar counts!

The 2014 Suffolk County Tax Grievance season, which begins November 1, 2013 and ends May 20, 2014, is here and it is setting up to be a big one.  This is mainly due to another mediocre year in the struggling to recover Suffolk County housing market.  A bad thing if you are trying to sell, a great opportunity if you are thinking about grieving your taxes!

Bottom Line:

If you have been on the fence about grieving your property taxes (even if have done it in the past, you will likely qualify again), due to the continued decline of the Real Estate Market, 2014 is the year for you to fight back and grieve!  To make it even more appealing, some companies, such as The Heller & Clausen Grievance Group, located in Rocky Point, doesn’t charge any upfront fees.  Even better if the grievance is unsuccessful, you pay nothing. The Heller & Clausen Group have saved Suffolk County Homeowners more than $25 Million dollars in property tax grievance reductions.

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