10 Interesting Tips About Blowouts

Long Island Hair Blowouts ServiceIn as much as there are some people who can’t live without a blowout, others have never done it. The ones that have never done a blowout do not know how the process goes. Moreover, they have lots of questions about blowouts. These questions are often about the products, different ways of styling and the tipping. Well, here are10 interesting points about blowouts and the experience they give. Let’s dive in and elaborate few.

1. The Blowout Can Last Up to One Week

If done right, a blowout can last for 3 to 7 days. How long it lasts depends on the texture of your hair. Dry shampoo is great for absorbing oil from the roots.

Further, after sleeping, the volume of your hair might reduce. In such a case, then, apply some volumizing spray onto your hair to increase its volume.

2. You Can Style It Differently

Besides straightening your hair, blowouts can let you make waves and curls. Do you like having bouncy hair and some curls on the tips? Well, if so, let your hairstylist know.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Hair Sprays

Some years back, people could not do without hairsprays. Currently, lots of girls have a misconception that hairsprays may lead to helmet-like stiff hair.

The thing here is that using a little bit of hairspray eradicates flyways. Just use light-hold hairspray on a brush or hand before you apply on hair. In doing so, your hair will always have a spectacular body and movement.

4. Don’t Be Afraid of Communicating

Though using hairspray or any other product is a great idea, it is always great to communicate to your hairstylist in case you don’t like it. Let the stylist know the kind of style you like before applying the blowout.

Moreover, speak up in the middle and at the end of the entire process. In doing so, you’ll avoid having a bad hairdo.

5. Use Shampoo Accordingly

There are different shampoos for fine, color-treated and different hair types. Thus, use the right shampoo for great results after a blowout.

6. Hire A Mobile Hairstylist

Besides going to the salon itself, you can book an appointment with a professional hairstylist. However, you should confirm your location to know if the stylist will agree to come to your place.

7. It Is Not Necessary to Visit A Blowout Bar

Not having a blow-dry salon in your location doesn’t mean you should have bad hair. Instead, you can contact your salon and make some arrangements for wash and dry services.

8. Try out a Brazilian Blowout

Would you like no-frizz, smooth hair? The hair looks like Brazilian blowouts. Different from a normal blowout that lasts for a week, the Brazilian blowout lasts for 12 good weeks. The treatment, however, takes around one and a half hour. But the results are gorgeous and long lasting.

9. Use Cool Drying

When the stylist has styled your hair, they should cool dry it. Cool drying seals the hair cuticle on your curly, wavy or straight hair. As a result, your hairstyle will last longer and have more shine than ever.

10. Tip At Least 20%

Tipping for the blowout is the same as tipping for hair color or cut – which is 20% of the total payable amount

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